The year was 1987, and more precisely in August. The first plants arrived on an old, rusty black pick-up and were planted under the drizzle coming down slowly that winter afternoon. And the area that was once a pasture of Brachiaria grass in disrepair would turn into a grove, years later. The grove became a haven not only for more than a thousand species of plants, but also for varied species of birds and animals.

In the early years the seedlings were purchased, but over time no different species were found to be planted, especially species of palm trees - the more suitable for that soil. It was then that Alhambra Nursery was established with the aim of providing new species as diverse seeds were arriving from different corners of the world. After that the place became a commercial nursery pretty quickly. A vocation we wanted to pursue. We started serving collectors which are until today our main focus, but over time, the project expanded its scope.

We started serving collectors, afterward landscape designers and producers also have been included.

This site aims to present our work and our products so that you will become, besides a partner or a customer, someone committed to the idea of making our world a better place.